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10/31/2017 The New York Times: The Messy Family Battle for Starrett City, by Charles V. Bagli

We believe the purchasers have provided a fair price and have demonstrated a firm commitment to maintaining long-term affordability and quality of life for our 15,000 residents,” said Bob Liff, a spokesman for Starrett City Associates.


11/03/2017 NY1: De Blasio Talks Crime Reductions Ahead Of Final Weekend Of Campaign, by Grace Rauh

Political consultant George Arzt says even if turnout is low, he does not think it matters. “He wins, he wins,” Arzt said. “No one is going to say, ‘Well, he didn’t really have a mandate.’ No one is going to say that.”

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11/08/2017 Bloomberg Politics: New York Gives De Blasio a Second Chance, Re-Electing Him as Mayor, by Henry Goldman 11/07/2017 The New York Times: With Second-Term in Hand, Mayor de Blasio Is Ever the Same, by Shane Goldmacher 11/07/2017 Los Angeles Times: It may be Trump’s hometown, but it’s De Blasio’s city — and will be …

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