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08/20/2015 NY1 News: HED: De Blasio on Potential 2017 Challengers: ‘Come One, Come All’, by Zack Fink

People right now are kicking the tires on a mayoral run. No one’s getting in to test drive the car,” said George Arzt, a Democratic political consultant.

In the papers and over the airwaves…

07/28/2015 City & State NY: Being Frank: How Seddio Transformed The Brooklyn Democratic Party, Jon Lentz

We all agreed on these reforms,” Frank Seddio said. “People asked and we wanted to do it. There’s nothing that couldn’t be done. People wanted to see a copy of the financial report, we always make them for the meeting. People wanted to get an idea of what’s going on politically, we give them that update. It’s a good way to have people participate in government. It’s not just handled by some inside, backroom meeting. That’s what we try to do—give everybody a chance to be a part.”

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