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08/01/2017 Vanity Fair: How Donald Trump And Roy Cohn’s Ruthless Symbiosis Changed America, by Marie Brenner

[Roy] would call me up and it was always short—‘George, Roy,’ ” said former New York Post political reporter George Arzt, who was later Mayor Ed Koch’s press secretary. “He would drop a dime on someone, hoping I would print it.”


07/19/2017 NY1 News: Cuomo continues to amass vast sums of campaign cash in bid for third term, by Zack Fink

There is no such thing as invincible in politics. Money can get you far, but it can’t get you over the goal line,” said political strategist George Arzt. “It also depends on what the other side will have. And my guess is, whoever the Republican nominee is will have a good-sized warchest.”

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09/19/2017 Politico: De Blasio punts some big decisions until after Election Day, by Gloria Pazmino 09/15/2017 Politico Magazine: The Loneliest President, by Michael Kruse 09/13/2017 The New York Times; Glow of De Blasio’s Primary Victory Is Dimmed by a Cuomo Speech, by William Neuman and J. David Goodman 09/12/2017 Gotham Gazette: Risks and Rewards in …

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