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George Arzt Communications, Inc. is a nationally recognized public and government relations firm with two decades of experience providing exceptional client service to organizations that operate at the intersection of business, politics and media. 

The firm offers a comprehensive range of services, including public relations, political campaign management, campaign ads, corporate communications counsel, community relations, crisis and reputation management, government relations, grassroots organizing, social media marketing, website design, media and presentation training, litigation support, lobbying, and public sector business development. 

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Public Relations

An organization’s reputation, profitability and even its existence can depend upon the degree to which the public supports its goals and policies.  As the primary filter to the public, the media is crucial in advancing issues and projects.  GAC works closely with our clients to shape the right message for their target audiences. As communications …

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Government Relations

GAC works with our clients to develop and implement effective and winning campaigns that work in this evolving political landscape.  Our comprehensive understanding of both public policy and politics translates into success for our clients.  From public policy to non-profit operations, to winning regional, state and city political campaigns, GAC works with our clients from conception …

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Community Relations

Our team works with clients to develop and implement a plan that identifies the project’s goals and local concerns early, before issues become politicized and slanted through media attention. GAC does this through our working relationships with elected officials, government agencies, grassroots interest groups, businesses, property owners and the media.  We engage the local community in …

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Social Media

GAC creates social media strategies tailored to meet each client’s specific business objectives and implements them through user generated content sites such as YouTube and Instagram and social networking sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook. While such viral marketing techniques are a great way to increase visibility, a social media campaign cannot stand alone.  To …

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