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12/30/2017 The New York Post: Mark-Viverito’s likely successor could give de Blasio trouble, by Anna Sanders
12/29/2017 Albany Times Union: Halt pipeline work to protect bald eagle nests, by Clara Soaring Hawk and Betty Lyons, Commentary
12/29/2017 The Chief: In a Career Year, Which Gov. Cuomo Stands Up?, by Richard Steier
12/28/2017 City & State: The Bromance Of Bernie And Bill: Two Progressive Pals Or A Marriage Of Convenience?, by Grace Segers
12/26/2017 The New York Times: The High-Tech, Big-Footprint Cancer Center, by Helene Stapinski
12/26/2017 AM New York: NY gubernatorial race, new City Council speaker and more in store for 2018, by Lisa L. Colangelo
12/07/2017 New York Daily News: UPS forcing drivers to work 70-hour weeks with mandatory overtime requirement during holidays, by Ginger Adams Otis
12/07/2017 The New York Times: Online Shopping: Disrupting Retail, and Drivers’ Lives, by Jim Dwyer
12/06/2017 The New York Post: Front-runner de Blasio spent more than $10M on re-election campaign, by Rich Calder
12/05/2017 Kings County Politics: Seddio Lights Up Canarsie With Holiday Spirit
12/04/2017 Our Town: Cash cow for Council members, by Douglas Feiden
11/30/2017 The New York Post: Feud between de Blasio and Cuomo gets ugly, by Yoav Gonen
11/27/2017 The Staten Island Advance: The case for taking down Columbus statue, by Betty Lyons, a citizen of the Onondaga Nation in upstate New York, is President of the American Indian Law Alliance
11/22/2017 The Brian Lehrer Show: It’s Not Just Columbus
11/20/2017 The Globe And Mail: Killing Christopher Columbus: New York joins nationwide reckoning with monuments, by Joanna Slater
11/19/2017 Newsday: De Blasio plans to revive old legislative battles with Albany, by Laura Figueroa Hernandez
11/16/2017 City & State: Indigenous Peoples Must Have A Seat At Statue Removal Hearings, by Betty Lyons And Rick Chavolla
11/08/2017 Bloomberg Politics: New York Gives De Blasio a Second Chance, Re-Electing Him as Mayor, by Henry Goldman
11/07/2017 The New York Times: With Second-Term in Hand, Mayor de Blasio Is Ever the Same, by Shane Goldmacher
11/07/2017 Los Angeles Times: It may be Trump’s hometown, but it’s De Blasio’s city — and will be for the next four years, by Nina Agrawal
11/06/2017 Bloomberg Politics: Criticized, Investigated and Scorned, De Blasio Is Poised to Win, by Henry Goldman
11/01/2017 Our Town: Bill de Blasio and the vanishing voter, by Douglas Feiden
10/31/2017 The New York Times: The Messy Family Battle for Starrett City, by Charles V. Bagli
10/11/2017 New York Daily News: Why indigenous peoples are right to be offended by Columbus Day, by Betty Lyons and Ben Geboe
10/07/2017 New York Daily News: NYC American Indian group pens letter urging de Blasio commission to remove Christopher Columbus statues, by Jillian Jorgensen
09/19/2017 Politico: De Blasio punts some big decisions until after Election Day, by Gloria Pazmino
09/15/2017 Politico Magazine: The Loneliest President, by Michael Kruse
09/13/2017 The New York Times; Glow of De Blasio’s Primary Victory Is Dimmed by a Cuomo Speech, by William Neuman and J. David Goodman
09/12/2017 Gotham Gazette: Risks and Rewards in De Blasio’s Bevy of City Council Endorsements, by Samar Khurshid
09/06/2017 The New York Daily News: Brooklyn housing complex co-owned by President Trump finds a buyer, by Greg B. Smith
09/06/2017 The New York Daily News: Finally getting serious about educating kids with dyslexia, by Jo Anne Simon
09/06/2017 The New York Times: Sale of Brooklyn Housing Complex Would Benefit Trump, by Charles V. Bagli
09/06/2017 The Real Deal: Rockpoint, Brooksville to buy Starrett City for $850M, by Rich Bockmann
09/06/2017 Bloomberg: Brooklyn’s Starrett City, With Trump as Investor, Finds a Buyer, by Oshrat Carmiel and Sarah Mulholland
09/01/2017 Observer: De Blasio, Albanese Must Sharpen Up in Next Debate, Pundits Say, by Madina Toure
08/30/2017 The New York Times: Compromise Reached in Boycott of Native American School, by Kate Taylor
08/28/2017 The Chief-Leader: Trumka, Moskowitz Get Wise to Price of Trump, by Richard Steier
08/16/2017 AM NY: Nicole Malliotakis uses unapologetic humor to walk tight rope over stigmas women face in politics, by Lauren Cook
08/06/2017 Politico: Third-term curse haunts Cuomo, by Jimmy Vielkind
08/01/2017 Vanity Fair: How Donald Trump And Roy Cohn’s Ruthless Symbiosis Changed America, by Marie Brenner
07/08 – 2017 Politico Magazine: How Gotham Gave Us Trump – Ever wonder how a lifelong urbanite can resent cities as much as Donald Trump does? First you have to understand ’70s and ’80s New York, by Michael Kruse
07/28/2017 Gotham Gazette: Republican Citywide Candidates Hopeful Despite Slow Fundraising, by Sam Raskin
07/28/2017 New York Daily News: MTA Chairman Joe Lhota investigating why subway was held during de Blasio press conference, by Jillian Jorgensen
07/23/2017 The Daily Star: Cuomo preps for re-election bid, maybe more, by Joe Mahoney CNHI State Reporter
07/14/2017 The Real Deal: This was supposed to be Don Jr.’s time as a real estate macher. Then came the emails, by Will Parker and Konrad Putzier
07/08/2017 Albany Times Union: School should have indigenous leader, by Sid Hill, Commentary
07/01/2017 The Real Deal Magazine: Aby Rosen’s brazen battles, by Konrad Putzier
06/30/2017 The New York Times: De Blasio and Cuomo Establish Peace, for Now, by J. David Goodman
06/28/2017 WNYC Radio: And Then There Was One (Republican Mayoral Candidate), by Brigid Bergin
06/28/2017 The New York Times: School Board Decisions Spur Onondaga Nation Protest, by Kate Taylor
06/23/2017 City and State NY – Slant Opinion: Time to diversify New York City’s Discovery Program, by Larry Cary
06/22/2017 Associated Press: Trump’s tease of possible Comey Tapes, by Jonathan Lemire
06/16/2017 Daily Nurse: Columbia University School of Nursing Welcomes Visitors to Dedication Ceremony for Cutting-Edge New Building, by Christina Morgan
06/07/2017 Politico: Longtime observers say Trump’s behavior with Comey fits lifelong pattern, by Josh Dawsey
06/06/2017 Daily Nurse: Columbia University School of Nursing to Hold Dedication Ceremony for Cutting-Edge New Building, by Christina Morgan
06/01/2017 Crain’s New York Business: Columbia’s new nursing facility seeks ‘iconic identity’ – Computerized mannequins will ‘give birth’ and undergo surgery in 12 simulation rooms, by Caroline Lewis
05/31/2017 The New York Times Student Journalism Institue: Seniors in East Harlem Get Priority in New Affordable Housing Units, by Briana Erickson
05/26/2017 The Chief Leader: State’s 2 Great Powers React to Incoming Fire, by Richard Steier
05/22/2017 Bloomberg Politics: De Blasio Promotes National Role While Seeking Re-Election, by Henry Goldman
05/12/2017 Bloomberg Politics: De Blasio’s Management Boasts Are Questioned After Jails Chief Quits, by Henry Goldman
05/04/2017 The Globe and Mail: Trump gets cool reception as protesters welcome his return to New York City, by Joanna Slater
05/03/2017 AP News: Trump’s return to NYC to feature WWII ceremony, by Jonathan Lemire and Tom Hays
05/03/2017 Politico N.Y. political class gives Trump the cold shoulder, by Jimmy Vielkind
05/01/2017 New York Slant Podcast: Arzt History 101, by City & State
05/01/2017 New York Daily News: LOVETT – Gov. Cuomo better off ditching reelection bid if he wants to run for President, by Kenneth Lovett
04/28/2017 Huffington Post: Press Secretaries Get Paid To Clean Up Flubs. But Sometimes Even They Screw Up, by Sam Levine
04/14/2017 The New York Times: The Ramapoughs vs. the World, by Noah Remnick
04/11/2017 New York Daily News: De Blasio not the first NYC mayor to bring City Hall to the other four boroughs, by Jillian Jorgensen
04/07/2017 The New York Times: Hillary Clinton to Give Commencement Address at Medgar Evers College, by David W. Chen
04/06/2017 Observer: Gloria Steinem to New York City: ‘Take Our Dollars’ Out of Banks Funding Dakota Access Pipeline, by Madina Toure
04/05/2017 The New York Daily News: Protesters plan City Hall march to lobby NYC leaders to pull funds from banks supporting Dakota Access Pipeline, by Jillian Jorgensen
03/27/2017 The Chief: His Rules Disrespected, Mayor Chastises Media, by Richard Steier
03/24/2017 The Real Deal: The sit-down: Extell’s Gary Barnett on One Manhattan Square, financing megaprojects and “pedestrian” BK towers, by Mark Maurer
03/17/2017 New York Daily News: Mayor de Blasio says New Yorkers don’t care about fund-raising investigation that brought no charges against him, by Jillian Jorgensen
03/17/2017 The Daily Star: Firing may be opportunity for Bharara, by Joe Mahoney, CNHI State Reporter
03/16/2017 The Globe And Mail: Investigations into New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s fundraising activities concluded, by Joanna Slater, U.S. Correspondent
03/16/2017 The New York Post: De Blasio dodges federal charges in campaign fundraising probe, by Yoav Gonen, Carl Campanile, Kaja Whitehouse and Yaron Steinbuch
03/16/2017 Bloomberg: N.Y. Mayor De Blasio Avoids Corruption Charges, U.S. Says, by Christian Berthelsen and Henry Goldman
02/28/2017 The Chief Leader: Off His Second-Place Finish in Council Run, Holland to Try in Fall, by Bob Hennelly
02/23/2017 Observer: Indigenous Leaders Call on NYC to Take ‘Action’ Against Banks Funding Dakota Access Pipeline, by Madina Toure
02/21/2017 Gotham Gazette – Opinion: Jobs of the Future Come From The Right Education, Larry Cary
02/14/2017 North Jersey.com: The Ramapough have a protected right to self-expression, by Chief Dwaine Perry and Betty Lyons
02/04/2017 The New York Post: Investing in STEM programs will produce Trump’s ‘great American’ workers, by Larry Cary
01/31/2017 The New York Post: PBA, City Hall reach tentative labor agreement, by Tina Moore, Shawn Cohen, Michael Gartland and Yoav Gonen
01/28/2017 Newsday: Experts see Donald Trump, Bill de Blasio similarities, by Emily Ngo
01/20/2017 New York Daily News – Opinion: Why the city’s changes to the Specialized High School Admissions Test make sense, by Larry Cary
01/18/2017 The Wall Street Journal: Bill de Blasio Punches Up His Résumé Ahead of Re-Election Bid, by Mara Gay
01/18/2017 Politico: Trump key to political ambitions of many big-city mayors, by David Siders
01/17/2017 Commercial Observer: Meet the Real Estate Industry’s In-House Lobbyists, by Tobias Salinger
01/13/2017 The Chief Leader: For The Record
01/02/2017 Associated Press: For Trump, the 1980s still hold relevance, by Jonathan Lemire
01/01/2017 The Wall Street Journal: Trump Ally Poised to Bring Populist Note to New York Mayoral Race, by Mike Vilensky

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