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12/28/2015 New York Magazine: How Are You Enjoying the de Blasio Revolution?, by Andrew Rice
12/26/2015 New York Daily News: Mayor de Blasio appears to have negotiated a fragile peace with cops, by Jennifer Fermino
12/18/2015 Brooklyn Daily Eagle: Preliminary work begins on half-demolished Brooklyn Heights eyesore, 100 Clark St., by Lore Croghan
12/16/2015 DNA Info: Jamaica To Become the Next Hottest NYC Neighborhood, Report Says, by Ewa Kern-Jedrychowska
12/11/2015 New York Daily News: Protesters interrupt Donald Trump’s speech at Plaza Hotel, chanting: ‘Why our people gotta die?,’ by Jennifer Fermino, Cameron Joseph
12/09/2015 Catskill Mountain News: DEC issues resort permits; OKs Belleayre Mtn. Plans – Developers moving ahead with project despite Article 78, by Joan Lawrence-Bauer
12/07/2015 NBC News: List Of Potential Asian-American Candidates For Vacated NY Assembly Seat Grows, by Chris Fuchs
12/07/2015 Home Reporter: Seddio family wows with massive, annual holiday display, by Anna Spivak
12/07/2015 Kings County Politics: Seddio’s Annual Light Display Spreads Good Cheer Among Community, Electeds
12/06/2015 New York Daily News: Christmas light ceremony dedicated to fallen NYPD Officer Randolph Holder, by Rikki Reyna & Reuven Blau
12/04/2015 Kings County Politics: Seddio Holiday Display Lights Up Canarsie, Brightens Up Your Life
12/04/2015 Times Union: Belleayre ski center gets expansion green light, by Rick Karlin
12/04/2015 Mid-Hudson News Network: Belleayre projects to move forward with state approvals
12/02/2015 Chelsea Now: Women’s Building Envisioned as ‘Vertical Neighborhood’ by Scott Stiffler
11/22/2015 Associated Press: Members of synagogue destroyed by fire bury religious books
11/22/2015 The Yeshiva World News: Poile Zedek Shul in New Brunswick Destroyed By Fire Bury Nine Sifrei Torah On Sunday
11/21/2015 New York Daily News: Former Deputy Mayor John Zuccotti, 78, dies after brief illness, by Jennifer Fermino
11/20/2015 The New York Times: Donald Trump’s Take on de Blasio? ‘The Worst Mayor in the U.S.,’ by Michael M. Grynbaum
11/18/2015 Commercial Observer: Thanks to Shelly Silver, Political Donations From Developers Have Fallen Off a Cliff, by Terence Cullen & Liam La Guerre
11/18/2015 Curbed NY: Design Contest Will Remake Chelsea Prison as Women’s Center, by Zoe Rosenberg
11/10/2015 The New York Times: Former Prison for Women to Become a Place That Serves Them, by C. J. Hughes
11/08/2015 The Wall Street Journal: Rental Portion of One57 Is for Sale, by Josh Barbanel and Peter Grant
11/04/2015 Bloomberg Politics: De Blasio Backers Cry Betrayal as Pledges Prove Hard to Keep, by Henry Goldman
10/30/2015 The Guardian: My six nation Haudenosaunee passport is not a ‘fantasy document,’ by Sid Hill, the American Indian Law Alliance
10/27/2015 The New York Times: Bill de Blasio Moves Toward Endorsing Hillary Clinton, as Allies Tap Their Feet, by Michael M. Grynbaum
10/27/2015 The Real Deal: Peter Buffett, developer to transform old Chelsea prison, by Ariel Stulberg
10/26/2015 Commercial Observer: Buffett Son’s Nonprofit Partners With Developer to Transform Former Chelsea Big House, by Terence Cullen
10/26/2015 The Wall Street Journal: Prison Will Become Center for Nonprofits, by Corinne Ramey
10/23/2015 Kings County Politics: 19 Senate District Race: Roxanne Persaud Interviewed, by Stephen Witt
10/23/2015 New York Daily News: Keep Stuy est, but get students ready, by Larry Cary
10/22/2015 Manhattan Express News: Could the Upper West Side Snatch Mayoralty from Park Slope in ’17?, by Paul Schindler
10/18/2015 The New York Times: Carwash Owners in New York Sue City Over Unionization Rules, by Nicholas Casey
10/17/2015 The New York Post: De Blasio urges peace in Tel Aviv, by Aaron Short
10/11/2015 City & State: Opinion: De Blasio’s Clinton Miscalculation, by Nick Powell
10/09/2015 The Chief Leader: Miss Eva Regrets She’s Unable to Run Today, by Richard Steier
10/09/2015 DNA Info: Affordable Housing for Artists Could Be Headed to Jamaica, by Ewa Kern-Jedrychowska
10/05/2015 The New York Post: ‘I support charter schools’: Bronx’s Diaz to speak at pro-charter event, by Carl Campanile
09/30/2015 Bloomberg News: De Blasio Plans Presidential Income Inequality Forum in Iowa, by Henry Goldman
09/25/2015 The New York Post: Meet Trump’s 26-year-old mystery woman, by Reed Tucker
09/25/2015 The New York Times: Sweet Smell of Not Today: Press Agents Wait Out ‘This Pope Thing’, by Michael M. Grynbaum
09/23/2015 The Huffington Post: A Horrible Week for Newspapers, by Bob Liff
09/24/2015 The Huffington Post: World Indoor Lacrosse Championship Returns To Its Indigenous Roots, by Julian Brave NoiseCat
09/17/2015 New York Daily News: A poisonous piece of church doctrine, by Betty Lyons
09/17/2015 Gotham Gazette: Mayor’s Needed Computer Science Plan Holds Great Promise, by Larry Cary
09/10/2015 The New York Post: Candidate seeking state senate seat an admitted scam artist, by Rich Calder
09/10/2015 Salon Magazine: Meet America’s grossest CEO: The disgusting $28.6 million payout to a United exec with potential Bridgegate implications, by Robert Hennelly
09/08/2015 The Philadelphia Inquirer – Opinion: Pope should rescind ‘Doctrine of Discovery,’ by Enrique Acosta, a member of the Nahuatl nation and firekeeper for the Continental Confederacy of Original Nations; Patricia Shore and Paul Ricker, clerks of the Society of Friends (Quakers) Indian Committee of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting
09/07/2015 The New York Times: As the Complaint Box Fills, Mayor de Blasio Adopts a Mr. Fix-It Approach, by Matt Flegenheimer
09/02/2015 The Wall Street Journal: Who Wants to Ring the Closing Bell on Stock Market’s Bad Days?, by Mike Vilensky
08/31/2015 New York Observer: What Does It Mean to Consider Running for Mayor? Not Much By Jillian Jorgensen
08/28/2015 Kings County Politics: 19th District Senate Race: Persaud Gets Seddio, TJ Club Blessing
08/22/2015 New York Daily News: Rivals lining up to challenge Mayor de Blasio in 2017, by Jennifer Fermino
08/20/2015 Business Insider: One of Bill de Blasio’s allies may try to take him down, by Hunter Walker
08/19/2015 The New York Post: De Blasio all but admits defeat in quest to ban carriage horses, by Yoav Gonen
08/16/2015 The New York Post: De Blasio is padding City Hall with jobs for all of his friends, by Aaron Short, Melissa Klein and Isabel Vincent
08/11/2015 New York Daily News: Indians want Vatican to ends its silence on Doctrine of Discovery, by Juan Gonzalez
08/07/2015 DNA Info: Queens Night Market to Debut in Jamaica This Fall, By Ewa Kern-Jedrychowska
07/28/2015 City & State NY: Being Frank: How Seddio Transformed The Brooklyn Democratic Party, Jon Lentz
07/25/2015 New York Daily News: The N.J. commuter nightmare to come: You think it’s bad now? Wait until a tunnel closes for repair, by Sandy Hornick
07/23/2015 New York Observer: Bard Sanctions Star Professor…, by Ken Kurson
07/21/2015 CBS News – Money Watch: Brother of CEO who slashed his own pay files suit, by Robert Hennelly
07/21/2015 The New York Times: Developers Hope to Change the Face of Transit Hub in Jamaica, Queens, By C. J. Hughes
07/14/2015 Times Union: Long-planned resort in Catskill Mountains clears big hurdle, by Michael Hill, Associated Press
07/01/2015 The Wall Street Journal: Behind Mayor de Blasio’s Decision to Escalate Rift With Gov. Cuomo, by Josh Dawsey and Mike Vilensky
06/28/2015 Newsday: De Blasio comes up short on results, clout in Albany, by Emily Ngo
06/24/2015 DNA Info: MAP – Housing and Hotels to Rejuvenate Downtown Jamaica, by Ewa Kern-Jedrychowska
06/24/2015 The New York Times: New York City Escalates the War on Rats Once Again, by Matt Flegenheimer
06/24/2015 Bloomberg News: De Blasio Gets Payback From State Senate Republicans He Worked Against, by Henry Goldman and Freeman Klopott
06/13/2015 The New York Post: City Council to car washes: Unionize or else, Post Editorial Board
06/09/2015 The New York Times: New York City Council to Vote on Bill to Protect Carwash Workers, by Liz Robbins
06/08/2015 New York Daily News: Bill designed to help car wash employees gets slammed by business owners, calling it ‘legislative extortion scheme,’ by Erin Durkin
06/08/2015 The New York Post: Nonunion car washes bash pricey insurance requirements, by Michael Gartland
05/21/2015 Labor Press: Lessons From the Best High School Rankings for the Debate About “The Test,” by Larry Cary
05/18/2015 Associated Press: Team de Blasio: Mayor’s Inner Circle Has Outside Advisers, by Jonathan Lemire
05/11/2015 The New York Times: Mayor de Blasio’s Days on the Road Fuel Criticism at Home, by Michael M. Grynbaum
05/10/2015 Newsday: De Blasio, unlike past mayors, avoids public Q&A with New Yorkers, by Matthew Chayes and Emily Ngo
05/06/2015 Rolling Stone: Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Crusade, by Mark Binelli
04/30/2015 Brooklyn Daily Eagle: Brooklyn Democrats honor Speaker Heastie at gala, by Rob Abruzzese
04/27/2015 The New York Post: Cuomo thinks about third term as governor just months into second, by Aaron Short
04/27/2015 Gotham Gazette – Opinion: Better Understanding Entry to the City’s Specialized High Schools, by Larry Cary
04/24/2015 Capital New York: Preet Bharara branches out, by Dana Rubinstein and Colby Hamilton
04/23/2015 The New York Post: Low income families do send kids to elite schools: report, by Aaron Short
04/20/2015 Crain’s Health Pulse: First MRT Housing Project Fills
04/13/2015 Capital New York: Firefighter union head predicts tense ceremony at City Hall, by Gloria Pazmino
04/06/2015 The Wall Street Journal: Gotbaum Is Remembered as Giant of New York City Labor, by Michael Howard Saul
03/19/2015 Times Ledger: GJDC gets a new president after 40 years, by Sadef Ali Kully
03/17/2015 Queens Courier: Greater Jamaica Development Corporation gets new president, by Anthony Giudice
03/16/2015 The Wall Street Journal: Experts – Murder Case Spares the Durst Name, by Keiko Morris and Josh Barbanel
03/13/2015 The New York Times: For Brooklyn’s District Attorney, Year One Is a Trial by Fire, by Alan Feuer
03/13/2015 Southeast Queens Press: Greater Jamaica Announces New President, by Jordan Gibbons
03/12/2015 DNA Info: Upper Manhattan Leader Taking Over Greater Jamaica Development Corp., by Ewa Kern-Jedrychowska
03/11/2015 The Wall Street Journal: GOP Scouts a Challenger for de Blasio, by Michael Howard Saul
03/11/2015 The New York Times: On Ferrets, New York’s Health Board Displays Rare Apathy, by Anemona Hartocollis
03/11/2015 International Business Times: Hillary Clinton Email Scandal: Press Conference ‘Did Not Staunch The Bleeding,’ by Howard Koplowitz
03/10/2015 Gotham Gazette: Real Answers to Improve Diversity at the Specialized High Schools, by Larry Cary
03/05/2015 The New York Times: Lack of Diversity Persists in Admissions to New York City’s Elite High Schools, by Elizabeth A. Harris
03/04/2015 The Chief Leader: Toxic Avenger Returns, Belching More Poison, by Richard Steier
02/16/2015 DNA Info: MAP – 1,000 New Hotel Rooms Coming to Jamaica, by Ewa Kern-Jedrychowska
02/12/2015 DNA Info: 25 Affordable Apartments to Rise on Upper East Side, by Heather Holland
02/04/2015 Newsmax: George Pataki 2016: What 5 Leading Pundits Say About Potential GOP Presidential Hopeful, by Shannon Jones
02/03/2015 Capital New York: Signs that this time, Jamaica’s renewal is real, by Ryan Hutchins
02/02/2015 Newsday: Low-profile Heastie seen as a ‘quiet bridge builder,’ by Yancey Roy
02/02/2015 NJ.com: Could federal indictments of allies derail a Christie presidential bid?, by Thomas Zambito
01/30/2015 MSNBC: Anthony Weiner, comeback kid?, by Aliyah Frumin
01/29/2015 Capital New York: As Silver departs, no clear winners for real estate, tenants, by Ryan Hutchins
01/26/2015 The Chief Leader: Razzle Dazzle – Shel Game Over? Silver Can’t Polish This Clean, by Richard Steier
01/26/2015 Newsmax: Indictment of Sheldon Silver Puts Cuomo in Difficult Situation, by Jennifer G. Hickey
01/24/2015 Newsday: Rallying behind Silver, Democrats also question his leadership abilities, Yancey Roy
01/23/2015 Bloomberg News: Silver’s arrest threatens balance of power in Albany, Freeman Klopott, Henry Goldman and Patricia Hurtado
01/23/2015 DNA Info: Plan for Massive Retail Complex in Jamaica to Include Affordable Housing, by Ewa Kern-Jedrychowska
01/14/2015 Curbed NY: Extell’s Contested Tower Next To Park Ave. Church Is A Go, by Evan Bindelglass
01/13/2015 Capital New York: Cuomo brings a familiar Democratic face into his cabinet by Laura Nahmias
01/13/2015 WPIX News: Former NY Gov. George Pataki ‘seriously considering’ run for president, by Marvin Scott
01/13/2015 Politico Magazine: Bill de Blasio Actually Had a Good Year, by Colby Hamilton
01/12/2015 The Wall Street Journal: Cuomo Eyes Peacemaker Role, by Michael Howard Saul and Erica Orden
01/11/2015 Crain’s Insider: Brooklyn BP makes himself relevant, by Chris Bragg
01/10/2015 WPIX News Closeup: the legacy of Mario Cuomo, by Marvin Scott
01/07/2015 New York Daily News: Court decision clears the way for luxury hotel in downtown Jamaica, by Lisa L. Colangelo
01/06/2015 PIX11 Morning News: Remembering the life and career of former NY Gov. Mario Cuomo, by PIX11 Report and Marvin Scott
01/05/2015 The Huffington Post: Mario Cuomo — Charmer and Nudge, by Bob Liff
01/02/2015 New York Daily News: Mario Cuomo, former New York governor, dead at 82, by Kenneth Lovett, Larry Mcshane
01/02/2015 UPI: Former N.Y. Gov. Mario Cuomo remembered as eloquent liberal, by Frances Burns
01/01/2015 The Wall Street Journal: Tributes for a ‘Liberal’s Liberal’ – Former Gov. Mario Cuomo Remembered as Gifted Orator, Principled Politician, by Mike Vilensky and Heather Haddon
01/01/2015 1010 WINS: Political Expert George Arzt Remembers Mario Cuomo, by Juliet Papa

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