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11/27/2011 Crain’s New York Business: Heavy hitters enlisted to help the Catskills, by Lisa Fickenscher
11/20/2011 Crain’s New York Business: Diamond cutters wanted, by Erik Engquist
11/16/2011 Mid-Hudson News: Gitter announces formation of non-profit to promote the Catskills region
11/16/2011 New York Daily News: John Liu’s political future up in the air after fund-raising scandal taints mayoral campaign, by Erin Einhorn
10/20/2011 WNYC News: As Protests Continue, Politicians Weigh in on Wall Street, by Arun Venugopal
10/18/2011 Crain’s New York Business: Protesters get personal to embarrass city’s titans, by Daniel Massey
10/18/2011 New York Post: REALTY CHECK, by Steve Cuozzo
10/15/2011 DNA Info: Bloomberg Averted Political Suicide in Zuccotti Park, Observers Say, by Jill Colvin
10/05/2011 The New York Times – City Room: Caring for a Crash Victim Who Wants Only to See His Family, by Anemona Hartocollis
10/04/2011 DNA Info: Testy Mayor Stays Cool on the Stand, Avoiding Potential Fallout, by Jill Colvin, DNAinfo Reporter/Producer
09/30/2011 The New York Times: Stuck in Bed, at Hospital’s Expense, by John Leland
09/20/2011 City Hall News: Brian Ellner Considering Run For Manhattan Borough President, by Laura Nahmias
09/09/2011 Associated Press: NY Comptroller gives an OK for a Catskills resort
09/08/2011 MidHudson News: State comptroller approves contract for Crossroads Ventures project
09/07/2011 Capital New York: The gentleman commissioner: Why NYPD controversies never seem to touch Ray Kelly, by Reid Pillifant
09/03/2011 The Wall Street Journal: 3 Governors, 3 Strategies In Flood Fight, by Jacob Gershman, Lisa Fleisher and Shelly Banjo
08/30/2011 New York Post: Extell builds another Midtown Hyatt hotel, by Steve Cuozzo
08/29/2011 DNAinfo.com: Mayor Bloomberg’s Response to Hurricane Irene Praised by His Critics, by Jill Colvin
08/26/2011 Los Angeles Times: No public transit in New York? Irene really is mean, by Geraldine Baum
08/26/2011 The Real Deal: Antiques Garage in Chelsea still looking for new space
08/25/2011 DNAinfo.com: Chelsea’s Antiques Garage To Stay Open — For Now, by Mathew Katz
08/23/2011 The New York Times: End Nears for a Market That Made a Scene, by Adriane Quinlan
08/21/2011 Crain’s New York Business: Vroom in New York for electric scooters, by Jeremy Smerd
08/19/2011 The New York Times – Real Estate: After Four Decades, Finishing a Planned City, by C. J. Hughes
07/29/2011 Crain’s New York Business: Extell lands loan for tallest residential tower, by Theresa Agovino
07/19/2011 The Real Deal: Carlton House to get two more stories, townhouse addition in conversion project, by Sarabeth Sanders
07/19/2011 Crain’s Health Pulse: Behavioral Health Merger
07/13/2011 The Queens Gazette: Annual Tour De Queens
07/13/2011 New York Daily News: Christine Quinn’s $4M war chest leads New York City mayoral wanna-bes, by Erin Einhorn
07/05/2011 WNYC: Post-Election Campaigning: Albany’s New Normal, by Bob Hennelly
06/30/2011 The New York Times: Once Again, Floor Plans Are Making the Sale, by Vivian S. Toy
06/29/2011 WNYC Radio: Who do Democrats Want to Replace Weiner?, by Stephen Reader
06/27/2011 WNBC-NY: Andrew Cuomo is on Quite the Roll, by Gabe Pressman
06/22/2011 New York Daily News: Bogus parking placard allows advocacy group to park all over New York City without a single ticket, by Alex Katz and Erin Einhorn
06/21/2011 The New York Times: Bloomberg Move Exploits Taxi Industry’s Limited Reach, by Michael M. Grynbaum and Christine Haughney
06/20/2011 New York Daily News: Making the roads safe for all: Widow of biker struck on NYC streets backs Bloomberg’s bike lanes, by Mary Beth Kelly
06/17/2011 The Wall Street Journal: Congressman Weiner Joins Jobless Ranks – Weiner Resigns After Weeks of Scandal, but Could Yet Rebuild His Career, by Michael Howard Saul
06/16/2011 The New York Times For Weiner’s Successor, Perhaps, Lame-Duck Status, by David W. Chen
06/16/2011 Politico: Succession talk swirls as Anthony Weiner quits, by Alex Isenstadt & David Catanese
06/16/2011 DouglastonPatch: Weiner Announces Resignation, by Matthew Hampton
06/16/2011 The Real Deal: Kevin Bacon’s days at the Empire State Building may be numbered
06/16/2011 DouglastonPatch: Weiner’s Out…Now What? Departing Congressman leaves a complicated political landscape in his wake, by Paul Leonard
06/16/2011 New York Daily News: Empire State Building lawsuit claims landmark’s owners trying to push Skyride operators out, by Trevor Kapp and Larry Mcshane
06/15/2011 The New York Times: At Empire State Building, a Feud Over a Virtual Tour of New York, by N. R. Kleinfield
06/14/2011 PolitickerNY: The Unknowable Anthony: Even In The Spotlight, Weiner Went It Alone, by David Freedlander
06/13/2011 The New York Times: Albany Money Flows to Clients of Firms Employing Legislators, by Thomas Kaplan
06/13/2011 NPR: Weiner Has Backing, But District Might Leave Him, by Joel Rose
06/09/2011 City Hall News: Winners & Losers, June 10th edition – Susan Lerner of Common Cause/NY named a winner, by City Hall
06/08/2011 Newsday: New photo adds pressure on Weiner to quit, by Yancey Roy
06/07/2011 Los Angeles Times: Pressure on Rep. Weiner unrelenting, for now, by Kathleen Hennessey, Lisa Mascaro and Geraldine Baum
06/07/2011 Newsday: Lerner: Remember why we have pensions, by Susan Lerner
06/07/2011 New York Daily News: Huma Abedin is notably absent from husband Anthony Weiner’s tearful sexting confession, by Erin Einhorn
06/07/2011 City Hall News: For Weiner, Re-election Prospects Bad, 2013 Prospects Even Worse, by Chris Bragg
06/06/2011 International Business Times: For Weiner, The Race to Keep His Congressional Seat Has Already Begun
06/05/2011 Staten Island Advance: Staten Island culture faces financial crisis, by Deborah E. Young
06/04/2011 Huffington Post: AP Interview: Ex-IMF chief case spotlights NYC DA, by Jennifer Peltz
06/02/2011 New York Daily News: Shoppers see big improvements at Queens’ Rockaway Shopping Center, by Lisa L. Colangelo
06/01/2011 The New York Times: Governor Nominates Developer to Lead Thruway Authority, by Thomas Kaplan
06/01/2011 New York Post: A rent-law windfall for the wealthy?, by Andrew Hoffman
05/27/2011 Times Union: Ethics reform’s up to legislative leaders, by Susan Lerner
05/25/2011 Downtown Express: High-tech wellness center open for business, by Marissa Maier
05/24/2011 New York Post: Albany out to boo$t malpractice lawyers, by Brendan Scott
05/22/2011 Crain’s New York Business: Budget cuts endanger cultural groups, by Miriam Kreinin Souccar
05/20/2011 Downtown Magazine NYC: Sheldon Silver Honored At Opening of Downtown Hospital’s Health and Wellness Center, by Nardos Mesmer
05/17/2011 New York Post: Page Six – We hear that Isabella Rossellini screened “My Dad is 100 Years Old” and “Animals Distract Me” at the New York Institute of Technology…
05/16/2011 The New York Times: Once a Bustling Automobile Row Anchor, Now Empty, by James Barron
05/05/2011 WFAN Sports Radio 66AM – B&C Morning Show: Len Berman ‘Spanning The World’ With Carton
05/03/2011 Business Insider: The 10 Most Powerful People In New York Real Estate – #6. Gary Barnett, President of Extell Development Company, by Julie Zevelof
05/01/2011 Crain’s NY Business: What He’s Reading: Transportation Alternatives’ Paul Steely White, by Jeremy Smerd
04/28/2011 FishbowlNY: Former WNBC Veterans Form New Website–Buzz60.com, by Jerry Barmash
04/27/2011 Los Angeles Times: Trump’s flirtation with presidential bid gains traction, by Matea Gold and Geraldine Baum
04/27/2011 The New York Post: Local news vets in new Web launch, by Michael Starr
04/24/2011 Crain’s New York Business: Former WNBC reporters Minton, DeDapper launch Zazoom, by Matthew Flamm
04/11/2011 Desmogblog: Gas Industry Spent Record Amount of Money Lobbying To End New York Fracking Moratorium
04/11/2011 The New York Post: Pedal pushing – How NYC’s busy biking booster rolls from 9 to 5, by Victoria Grantham
04/10/2011 The New York Daily News: Controller John Liu’s pension report lays blame at Wall Street fat cats, by Adam Lisberg
04/08/2011 WNYC Radio: Natural Gas Industry Has Sharp Increase in Lobbying Dollars, by Ilya Marritz
04/07/2011 AM New York: Cathie Black debacle could be lasting bruise for Bloomberg, by Erik Ortiz
04/06/2011 The Journal News – Politics on the Hudson: Silver, Good-Government Groups Support AG In Defending State, by Joseph Spector
04/03/2011 The New York Post: Eggs & toast of the town for elite – Celebrities and bigwigs at the Regency’s breakfast of champions, by Ginger Adams Otis and Claire Atkinson
03/28/2011 The Wall Street Journal: Vornado Project Hits Hard Spot, by Eliot Brown
03/26/2011 Politico: Geraldine Ferraro dies at 75, by James Hohmann & Jonathan Martin
03/21/2011 New York Daily News: Lawyer pol John DeFrancisco urges attorney malpractice fee boost, by Kenneth Lovett
03/16/2011 City Hall News: Carl Kruger’s “Polar Opposite,” Liz Krueger Takes On A New Role And New Challenges, by Jon Lentz
03/11/2011 Crain’s Insider: At a Glance -Hired, By George, by Erik Engquist and Jeremy Smerd
03/11/2011 New York Daily News Storm over Queens homeless shelters: Probe supports residents’ complaints of overcrowding, by Clare Trapasso
03/11/2011 Crain’s Insider: At a Glance -Hired, By George, by Erik Engquist and Jeremy Smerd
03/11/2011 Crain’s Insider: Goo-Goos pounce on latest scandal, by Erik Engquist and Jeremy Smerd
03/01/2011 The Real Deal: Rounding out Riverside South, by Ed Lieber
02/21/2011 NBC New York: NY Sitting on Mountain of Unspent Earmarks, by Chris Glorioso
02/15/2011 New York Post: Gem Tower is set to rise, by Steve Cuozzo
02/11/2011 New York Post: Page Six – Hole-in-one ace sues for $1M, by Emily Smith
01/30/2011 Crain’s New York Business: Movers & Shakers: New chief for New School, by Miriam Kreinin Souccar
01/14/2011 City Hall News: Weathering The Storm, After three months of hard knocks, Bloomberg plots his comeback, by Edward-Isaac Dovere
01/12/2011 The New York Times: Charter School Cries Foul Over a Decision to Close It, by David W. Chen
01/09/2011 Crain’s New York Business, Letters to the Editor: Call it sci-finance, Apply liberally, by Nada Marie Anid, Dean, School of Engineering & Computing Sciences, NYIT

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