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12/28/2010 New York Daily News: Baby it’s cold outside! At least three snowbound expectant moms go into labor during blizzard, by Alison Gendar & Bill Hutchinson
12/20/2010 The New York Times: Council Approves West Side Apartment Towers, by Charles V. Bagli
12/15/2010 The West Side Spirit: Riverside Center Clears Hurdle, by Dan Rivoli
12/09/2010 Streetsblog.org: City Council Jacks Riverside Center Parking Supply Back Up to 1,500 Spaces, by Noah Kazis
12/08/2010 Crain’s New York Business: Extell clears Council hurdle for UWS high-rises, Theresa Agovino
12/08/2010 The Wall Street Journal: Upper West Side Project Passes Council Vote, by Eliot Brown
12/08/2010 The New York Times: Bridge and Tunnel Types, by Michael M. Grynbaum
12/06/2010 The Wall Street Journal: Vote Could Mark End of Long Quest for Project, by Eliot Brown
11/29/2010 The New York Times, The City Room Blog: Thank the Academy? Ravitch Would Rather Plead Poverty, by Sam Roberts
11/24/2010 The New York Daily News: Pigheaded Mayor Bloomberg made ill-informed choice when naming Cathie Black as schools chancellor, by Adam Lisberg
11/19/2010 The New York Post: Plans for $400M posh hotels in Catskills still alive, by Associated Press
10/29/2010 The Wall Street Journal: Battery Park City Rolling On, by Shelly Banjo
09/26/2010 New York Magazine: The Anti-Trump, by Gabriel Sherman
09/16/2010 Your Neighborhood, Your News/yournabe.com: Longtime Assemblyman Aubry retains his seat in Dem primary, by Rebecca Henely
09/15/2010 The New York Times: In House Race, Maloney Defeats Primary Rival, by Jennifer Medina
09/15/2010 The Queens Courier: Jeffrion Aubry remains the Democratic choice, by Aisha Al-Muslim
06/28-07/11/2010 Crain’s New York Business: 25 People to Watch – Gary Barnett, by Theresa Agovino
06/17/2010 The Wall Street Journal: ERs Fill Up Downtown, St. Vincent’s Closure Increases Crowding, by Suzanne Sataline
06/14/2010 Legislativegazette.com: Bill on governor’s desk would help incarcerated mothers stay moms, by Faith Burkins-Gimzek
06/10/2010 New York Daily News Bronx Edition: Despite returning to their jobs, workers at Co-op City still in talks with management
05/28 – 06/03/2010 Downtown Express Storied NY Downtown Hospital is ready for anything, by Nikki Dowling
05/25/2010 The New York Times: Building a Tower of Luxury Apartments in Midtown as Brokers Cross Their Fingers, by Charles V. Bagli
05/19/2010 The New York Daily News’ The Daily Politics: Maloney V. Saujani: The Drill-Down, by Celeste Katz
05/19/2010 The Wall Street Journal: Maloney’s Poll Shows Big Lead, by Michael Howard Saul
05/18/2010 The Village Voice: Wall Street Runs for Congress, by Tom Robbins
05/12/2010 The Wall Street Journal: Developers Challenge Cuomo, by Craig Karmin
05/10/2010 The New York Times: Appraisal – The Perils of Promoting Schools as Amenities, by Christine Haughney
05/05/2010 The New York Times: The New School to Build a Multipurpose, 16-Story Building, by Charles V. Bagli
04/28/2010 The New York Times: The Upper West Side Gets New Glass Rental Towers, by C. J. Hughes

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